Why it IS safe to return to Oval Offices

Oval Offices at Lafayette Park Private Office

At Oval Offices, we respect and understand professionals wish to work from home during this unprecedented time of Covid-19. However, many other professionals are realizing the difficulties of working from home. So, is it safe to return to Oval Offices?

A home, while comfortable, provides many daily distractions, including kids and pets, making it difficult to get things done. Professionals are struggling to maintain somewhat of a work-life balance, finding it even more difficult to focus in their makeshift office, which happens to also be the dining room, living room, or playroom. Six months into the pandemic, professionals are beginning to poke their heads out of the window to see how it is in the outside world and whether it is safe enough to go into the office. So the question is, is it safe to go back to the office?

Oval Offices has been working diligently to provide the safest and cleanest environment for our clients to ensure their safety, following all CDC guidelines and Washington DC’s local regulations. Here are some of the ways that Oval Offices has kept our space clean and why it is safe to return to Oval Offices:

  1. Daily Cleaning

Our staff has been hard at work keeping all surfaces, common spaces and high touch points clean and providing hand sanitizer in reception.

Daily cleaning in Oval Office DC, office rentals, coworking, meeting rooms

  1. Social distancing

We encourage our clients to follow CDC guidelines to remain six feet apart at all times. Our conference rooms and common areas provide space to maintain this safe distance. Our private offices also ensure that you have your own space to feel comfortable with secure doors and the ability to open your windows for fresh air.

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  1. Mail Services

We provide mail services for our in-house and virtual clients, including mail forwarding and scanning if you are working from home or sporadically coming into the office. You can feel at ease knowing that your mail will be safely handled by our staff. 

dog with mail

  1. Office privacy 

Our offices provide our clients ample privacy and security. Professionals have the opportunity to rent out private offices on flexible terms that they can make their own! This allows each of our clients to have their own secure space to feel comfortable.This also gives professionals the opportunity to have a space to focus and increase their productivity. Plus, the ability to get some fresh air with windows that open!

man behind blinds

The answer to the question of whether it is safe to come into the office is YES, it is safe here at Oval Offices. We are seeing more and more clients coming back to work and we are working hard to ensure that we make conditions as safe as possible. Through all of these measures, we believe our office is a safe, secure, and healthy place to come back to working. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

-Brooke Alred