Why is a Lafayette Square office better than a Pennsylvania Avenue office?

by markw
Picture of 800 Connecticut Avenue NW, which is a better choice than a Pennsylvania Avenue office.

Whether you are interested in a private office, suite, hourly meeting room rentals, or a virtual office package, Oval Offices D.C. is a smarter choice than a Pennsylvania Avenue office.

Our offices is located directly across Lafayette Park at 800 Connecticut Avenue NW. We place you directly at The White House front door. Plus, The Hay Adams Hotel and US Board of Trade are your direct neighbors.

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Lafayette Park vs. Pennsylvania Avenue Office

Pennsylvania Avenue is often referred to as ‘America’s Main Street’ and is considered a coveted DC virtual office address. However, we will explain why 800 Connecticut Avenue NW is D.C.’s best kept secret for key government decision-makers.

We’d like to begin by discussing the difference in access to The White House and Executive Office Buildings (EEOB) between Connecticut Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.

A Pennsylvania Avenue office may consist of grand vistas and iconic buildings. However, the street itself is far from the White House entrance.

Apart from the occasional restaurant and museum, there are very few attractions to bring people to Pennsylvania Avenue offices.

800 Connecticut Avenue NW, on the other hand, boasts Teaism and The Oval Room Restaurant. Also, there are an array of great restaurants like Todd Gray’s Equinox Restaurant and The Bombay Club. Plus, bustling bars like BlackFinn, the chic Compass Coffee cafe, and popular clothing stores.

Basing your D.C. virtual office with Oval Offices D.C. means that you won’t have to travel far to find the perfect lunch spot or to grab a drink after a busy day in the office.

If you want to continue working from home, give your business a White House virtual office address on Connecticut Avenue. Then you will still get to soak up this atmosphere at times of your choosing.

Our D.C. virtual office packages include unlimited access to our reception and co-working area and an allowance of conference room and day office hours.

The energetic and dynamic atmosphere is what truly makes Connecticut Avenue a street that you go to and not just through and is one of the reasons behind a Lafayette Square virtual office being better than a Pennsylvania Avenue office.

Whether you are making your daily commute to, or from, the office, or taking a lunchtime stroll, you are sure to be inspired by the buzz that can be felt all around this hub of activity.

Next up, let’s talk about the views.

Now, there’s no denying that the views from Pennsylvania Avenue are like something straight out of a movie set. In fact, you’ve likely seen aerial shots in House of Cards depicting the ebb and flow of traffic along the 1.2 mile stretch of picturesque Avenue between The Capitol building and The White House.

However, by making Oval Offices your D.C. virtual office address, you can still experience these incredible views without having to sacrifice the engaging atmosphere that we spoke about above.

Street Views in Washington DC
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If you choose to become a member of Oval Offices D.C., you will have access to a range of offices, boardrooms, and meeting rooms that look out over some of D.C.’s most iconic sights including The White House, Lafayette Square, and The Washington Monument.

Virtual members wishing to avail of a Connecticut Avenue virtual office address without expensive leasing costs can meet with and impress clients in any of these rooms using the office hours included in their plan.

The view from other offices is rarely the stuff of picture postcards, which is why we believe that you should jump at the opportunity to make Oval Offices D.C. your place of work.

Apart from being a lively and engaging location with magnificent views, 800 Connecticut Avenue also happens to be very accessible to both pedestrians and drivers.

The same cannot be said for Pennsylvania Avenue which, according to a study carried out by The DC Office of Planning, is not as easily accessible as some other major downtown D.C. streets, including Connecticut Avenue.

This is largely due to the fact that Pennsylvania Avenue gives the majority of its space to the vehicular modes of transport. At eight lanes wide, with two bike lanes running along its center, Pennsylvania Avenue is the widest thoroughfare in the District that is not a freeway.

This can make it an intimidating location for anyone traversing it, whether on foot, on a bike, or in a car. That may make visiting your Pennsylvania Avenue virtual office challenging.

Located just one block from the Farragut West Metrorail station and with garage parking, 800 Connecticut Avenue could not be easier to get to.

As an in-house member, this is sure to make your daily commute a stress-free experience. As a virtual member, this will make it easier and more appealing for clients to attend meetings at your virtual office address on Connecticut Avenue.

To arrange a tour of 800 Connecticut Avenue, DC’s most powerful business address, email sales@ovalofficesdc.com or call (202) 719-6999.

Street Views in Washington DC