The 1 and Only Golden Triangle BID

Oval Offices Golden Triangle BID

If you’ve been in downtown DC, chances are you’ve seen the Golden Triangle logo. Many people don’t understand the scope of the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID). Between economic development, emergency preparedness, cleaning and maintenance, sustainability, art and homelessness outreach, Golden Triangle BID is an essential part of the community in downtown DC. Golden Triangle BID connects a variety of businesses from Dupont Circle to Lafayette Park. Subsequently, here at Oval Offices DC, we’re proud to be a part of the Golden Triangle BID. 

What does the Golden Triangle BID do?

Throughout the pandemic, the Golden Triangle BID has stepped up for the Farragut Square neighborhood. They have worked to set up temporary COVID-19 testing sites in Farragut Square Park. Additionally, they keep the K Street community clean with trash patrols. They have created initiatives to encourage CBD customers to return to the area and return to small businesses like Teaism. Through maintaining cleanliness and providing health services, Golden Triangle BID has provided support to the greater coworking community. 
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In addition to the Golden Triangle’s services to keep the district clean, they also host events to connect businesses within the Golden Triangle. This is a great opportunity to network and engage with the local community. Most recently, they hosted webinars on the safe return to the office. There is a steady increase in businesses returning to the area. However, there is still a long way to go to return to the pre-pandemic “normal”. The Golden Triangle also hosted social events before the pandemic. Notably, they hosted a weekly outdoor movie screening at Farragut Park. Events like these bring together the community while fostering interaction among neighbors. 

The Innovation District

Further, the Golden Triangle has recently created the Innovation District. This initiative encourages start-up tech companies and entrepreneurs to join the community. Through their work with partners in the district, including George Washington University (GWU) and the DC government, they created this initiative to focus on digital engagement and social innovation. With access to four metro lines, GWU’s world class STEM institution, and networking events, this will foster the growth of tech sectors in the community focused on medtech, govtech, and edtech. In short, this growth further diversifies and develops the Golden Triangle BID community.

Join Golden Triangle BID

At Oval Offices DC, our clients have the opportunity to be a part of this community. This includes engaging in networking and development events. They can even join the free outdoor pilates class at Farragut Park every week! Our diverse clientele contributes to the diversity of the community with lobbyists, consulting, and law groups renting our private offices. We provide entrepreneurs and firms of all types high-end, private office space. 

Ask us about our private offices to join the Golden Triangle BID community! 

-Brooke Alred