Reopening DC: Are employees returning to the office?

by markw
Oval Offices DC

With lower daily cases and an increasing number of fully vaccinated people, DC is seeing a new reopening phase. With reopening DC, Covid-19 related mandates have relaxed. The city has seen new initiatives to encourage business in the district. Restaurants are welcoming back customers at full capacity and the community has been incentivizing workers to visit small businesses. This new post pandemic world, while exciting to be returning to “normal”, is abundant in uncertainty.

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Many companies are returning to the office

Correspondingly, others are scrambling to find space after canceling their office leases. Reopening DC means businesses must find quick solutions to find their new normal. Oval Offices DC provides a range of flexible options to best fit companies needs in this time of transition. Whether your company just needs a space to meet once a month, a few times a week, or every day, we have options that fit your needs.

 Oval Office DC, office rentals, coworking, meeting rooms. private office

According to NPR, there have been discrepancies amongst employees on whether they want to return to an office. On one hand, some people say they have thrived working from home. They argue that not only do they save time from commuting, but skipping the formalities of working in an office improves their productivity. On the other hand, others find the separation from work and home more beneficial. Developing relationships in person, and having a designated place to work seems to be a better fit for some. This discrepancy is causing conflict within companies. According to Bloomberg, some employees would rather quit their job than go back to the office. This forces companies to be strategic in their next moves amid reopening DC. 

Oval Offices DC provides beautiful private offices with windows

With our flexible plans, you can rent an office by the day or longer terms. We also have virtual office options, so you can enjoy all our amenities without the physical office. This option allows companies to have a mailing address in DC and access to our beautiful meeting rooms that overlook Lafayette Park. In addition, we provide mail and administrative services. Despite the continuous transition of DC, Oval Offices DC is here to help companies amid reopening DC. 

Flexible office space is imperative in this unstable time. Here at Oval Offices DC, we understand that uncertainty. We have been working with companies in this transition to provide exactly what they need with flexible terms. Whether that means just a space for your team to meet once a month, or a private office for just a few days a week. This flexibility allows companies to find the best fit while they transition in reopening DC. 

Contact us today to ask us about our flexible office plans and terms. 

-Brooke Alred