Open a DC Virtual Office

Oval Offices at Lafayette Park Private Office

Many businesses have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially financially. So how can your business continue to establish its place in the DC market? Opening a DC virtual office may be just the cure! 

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Oval Offices at Lafayette Park

Most people were working from home to limit the spread of the virus. Companies, needing to limit their spending, decided a full-time office lease is a quick cost to cut. That’s where the DC virtual office comes in. It is still essential to have a physical DC address for DC mandates and the reputation of your company. That’s why a virtual office at 800 Connecticut Ave is a perfect option!

The Importance of a DC Virtual Address like 800 Connecticut Ave

Having an address such as Pennsylvania Avenue and Connecticut Avenue, can exponentially improve the image of your company. How could this be if you are not even working from that location? Well, having an address can first and foremost improve your SEO ranking, thus making it easier for potential clients to find your services. It will also establish your presence on Google Maps, pushing your companies up the local-packs and searches of potential clients from around the world.

What about my P.O. box, won’t that suffice? Customers may believe a company is not legitimate or stable if it shows a box and not an established, prestigious location in the DC Metro area. Having an address in the city you are working in allows you to be a part of the local community, which continues to improve your reputation. You also would not want an angry client coming and knocking on the door of your home.
DC Office and Virtual Office space

Amenities of a DC Virtual Office

Not only would a virtual office at 800 Connecticut Ave improve your reputation, but it would also provide additional services which can increase your productivity. At Oval Offices DC, we provide mail services and can also answer your calls for you! You can use your virtual address on your website, business cards, etc.

So what happens if I want to meet clients, since I don’t have a physical office or just want to get out of the house? Oval Offices DC offers meeting rooms that you can book by the hour or by the day, all part of your virtual office! You will also have access to our Zoom Room to have virtual meetings with a professional Zoom system. We will provide you access to our professional training rooms, presentation rooms, and seminar rooms. You can also rent out an office for a day if you just need a private space to work with our flexible office space.  You’ll also be able to impress your client with views of the White House, right next to Farragut Park! 

A DC Virtual Address at 800 Connecticut Ave is the Solution 

Oval Offices DC allows you to cut down on office costs, while still having the option to get the most out of our office space. This option also allows you to have a professional address and professional mail services to keep your company running smoothly! A virtual office at 800 Connecticut Ave at first glance may not seem necessary, but considering the low cost and valuable amenities that it comes with, it is an excellent option amid the transition of office space. 

-Brooke Alred (updated 2022)