Powerful Neighbors at 800 Connecticut Avenue

Oval Offices DC

Have you ever wanted to work with some of the world’s leading companies? Rub shoulders with lobbyists, world-class lawyers, and leading financial advisors? At Oval Offices DC, we’re proud to share the building with some of DC’s most powerful neighbors including Twitter, Coca-Cola, and JP Morgan. Furthermore, our clients have the unique opportunity to work at 800 Connecticut Avenue with a mix of world-class companies. 

Many of our neighbors are based elsewhere, but use 800 Connecticut Avenue as a DC office. The building’s location, being steps from the White House, allows them to use this office for lobbying and their government relations needs. This access to top government institutions makes our office one of the best locations in the district. 

To begin, 800 Connecticut Avenue houses top financial management companies.

Oval Offices at Lafayette Park

Notably, these companies include Northern Trust, Alliance Bernstein, and JP Morgan. Hence, the big wealth management companies bring Wall Street to DC! 

In addition, the building houses the Hess Corporation, an energy company. They strive to meet the world’s growing need for energy. The CDP honored the Hess Corporation as a leader in environmental transparency and sustainability. The company works to reduce emissions according to the global climate change initiative.  Subsequently, they are one of the leading oil and gas companies in this respect. The Hess Corporation drills for oil and natural gas around the world in a clean way. 

Last, but not least, we are neighbors with some of the most well known companies including Twitter and Coca-Cola. Twitter, a leading social network, gives people around the world a voice. If you’re trying to get verified or increase your followers, what better way than to work in the same building! In addition, Coca-Cola is well known around the world for its soda. While Coca-Cola is Atlanta based, it uses 800 Connecticut Avenue for its DC office. The location promotes lobbying and business development in the district.

As can be seen, at Oval Offices DC, we are proud to share our building with inspiring neighbors. With a unique mix of lobbyists, financial advisors, and multinational corporations, 800 Connecticut Avenue is one of the best places to work in DC.

-Brooke Alred