Hybrid Office is the New Norm Post Pandemic in DC

by markw
Oval Offices private suite

Passing the anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdown reminds us of how long our new work from home reality has been. What was supposed to be a two week quarantine has become over a year of working from home. Subsequently, this forced professionals to adapt to what comes along with this new normal. People adapted to substituting professional clothes for pajama pants and coworkers for cute pets. Professionals struggled adjusting to a new work-life balance at the beginning of the pandemic. Despite this, they have since enjoyed this new comfortable method of working. This makes innovative ideas such as a hybrid office all the more necessary when considering the future of DC work-life. 

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Moreover, many ponder what the new normal will look like post pandemic. Professionals have many questions and anxieties about the transition. This led them to look at what options they have. 

Here at Oval Offices DC, we understand that anxiety and want to make the transition back to “normal” as comfortable as possible.

Our flexible plans allow professionals to take their time to ease back into the office. We have hybrid office plans so professionals can come in a few times a week. This allows them to ease back into being in the office (and back into work clothes). If professionals don’t quite feel ready to go back into the office at all, we also have virtual office plans for those who want to stay home completely. 

With vaccines becoming more readily available to the public in DC, professionals have been worried about what this means for their new normal. The thought of having to interact with people in-person, rather than over Zoom, has inclined many people to want to stay home. In addition, some may have anxiety about returning to the office while COVID is still spreading despite vaccine progress.  According to a survey done by the Robert Half firm, only 25% of their employees wanted to return fully to the office. Half of the employees preferred easing into a hybrid office. However, this left many people wanting to remain working from home full time. 

All in all, this is why Oval Offices created the hybrid office plan. The plan allows professionals to come in just a few days a week to ease back into the hustle and bustle of DC office life. They find this compromise easier in transitioning back to pre-pandemic life.

Check out our DC Hybrid Office plan here or contact us at 202-929-6200 to learn more. 

-Brooke Alred