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by markw
Oval Offices DC

It’s been a wild year, that’s for sure. Life as we knew it suddenly ended and a “new normal” came to fruition. But what does a “new normal” even mean? One of the biggest changes people have faced was their working situation. Everyone had a unique collective experience of suddenly staying home. Those who were lucky were able to continue working, but remotely from their home. This has led to society questioning the need for offices. There is an overabundance of DC office space for rent, but a lack of demand. That is due, in part, to people’s fear, anxiety, and sheer lack of motivation to suffer the commute and sit in another room in professional clothes when you could be sitting in your pjs on your couch. But why do we need offices in the first place? We hear the never-ending argument that it improves collaboration and productivity. But some found themselves even more productive from home. 

What is the true value of a DC office space? 

As someone who had a unique experience during the pandemic, at the end of August, I went back to the office and couldn’t be more excited to get out of my apartment. That was until I hit that dreaded 8 a.m. commute. But comparing my experience to friends who continued to work remotely, I found an indispensable value to going back into the office. Interaction. Sure, this may be a simple part of everyday life, but to me that’s what drives me every day and reminds me of why I do what I do in the first place. Here at Oval Offices DC, we have professionals from different fields including law, consulting, political, and philanthropy. Each of these fields have one thing in common, people and improving their lives. There was a mass mental health impact due to this lack of interaction amongst colleagues and friends. Even though interaction during the pandemic looks completely different than it used to be, it still has a huge impact on productivity and the sharing of ideas. We are a social species. So, naturally a lack of interaction has an impact on business and everyday life. 

A “New Normal”

Flexible, private window office at 800 Connecticut Ave

Throughout the decades, office space has been in a constant state of transition, with the boom of cubicles in the ‘60s, then to coworking spaces at the end ‘90s. With a major world pandemic, it is inevitable that this “new normal” will look different from the office we knew in 2019. DC office space for rent has seen a shift to hybrid offices. With this hybrid office, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Staying home some days during the week to stay comfy. Then, also going into the office to interact with clients and coworkers on your terms. At Oval Offices DC, we’ve found the solution and defined the “new normal”. We provide many flexible plans to ease this transition. All the while providing beautiful private offices to bring people back into DC to allow them to move as fast or slow as they please. 

Check out our website at https://www.ovalofficesdc.com/ or call us at 202-929-6200 and ask about our hybrid office plans and DC office space for rent!

-Brooke Alred